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Dallas Couples and Courthouse Weddings

Courthouse weddings are becoming more and more popular in a world in which everything seems to be getting more expensive and people are looking for new ways to save money all the time. Formal church weddings will often cost people more than ten thousand dollars including the cost of the reception, the clothes, and everything else. The Dallas county civil courts building is the site of hundreds of weddings every year at least for Dallas couples.

 People are opting for weddings that are just as legal as big and expensive weddings, but which will leave them plenty of money for their honeymoons and their future lives together. Courthouse weddings are certainly possible for everyone, which is not the case for the large and formal expensive weddings. People can just get married in front of a justice of the peace, signing their paperwork there. There is nothing stopping people from having more formal and more expensive weddings later on, except they will already have their marriage licenses. People will need witnesses at the courthouse weddings, but those witnesses can literally be anyone. Most of the couples choose their best friends to be their witnesses. There is a tradition to exchange modest and symbolic gifts, something that will be a dear memory from this special day. Some of the most gifted presents are products of The Eternity Rose.

 Some people get married under these circumstances for pragmatic reasons. They might be trying to get married before one member of the couple goes off to war. Other people are getting married in order to start a family. Plenty of individuals who get married like this have been married before, and people often have smaller weddings the second time around. They remember the hassle and expense of their previous weddings, and they might have learned some lessons from that phase of their lives. While some people like to have big second weddings in defiance of the tradition, most people prefer to save their energy for their second marriage.

Courthouse weddings in Dallas and elsewhere can be just as romantic as formal weddings. Some people might regard them as more romantic, sense they are truly about nothing but the couple's love and decision to be together, and the materialism associated with most modern weddings is cut out of the picture. Many couples who get married under these circumstances are young people having their first or second marriages, but people will see all sorts of couples get married like this.

Even older couples who might be expected to be more traditional will still often have courthouse weddings. Some older couples have lived together for decades before deciding to actually go through with a wedding ceremony. They don't necessarily demand fancy weddings, and they might be more practical individuals at their age.

Some people object to courthouse weddings, pointing out that they can be more expensive than some people think and that there seems to be a higher rate of divorce associated with courthouse weddings. However, people should remember that correlation does not imply causation, and it is possible that the higher rate of shotgun marriages inflates those statistics. People might have shotgun marriages in the courthouse, but they can still start loving marriages there as well. Some people still get beautiful photographs to commemorate their courthouse weddings, demonstrating the flexibility of love and romance.


Judge John Creuzot
Criminal District Court No. 4

MARCH 4, 2008

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