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Judge Creuzot established the DIVERT court (Dallas Initiative for Diversion and Expedited Rehabilitation and Treatment) in 1998 as a way of helping drug offenders address the root causes of their problems. This innovative program is one example of Judge Creuzot's efforts to go above and beyond to solve community problems. View insightful videos on the DIVERT program here.


NPR, October 2008 - Texas Court Aims to 'DIVERT' First-Time Offenders
Article featuring Judge Creuzot and DIVERT Court.
New York Times, January 2016 - Man Freed by DNA Evidence
Judge Creuzot championed a review of the case of Charles Chatman and ordered him released after DNA evidence exonerated him., January 2015 - DNA Test Clears Man of Rape 26 Years Later
Article featuring Judge Creuzot about Charles Chatman, a man wrongly accused and now declared innocent due to DNA evidence., December 2014 - DNA Evidence Sets Man Free
Article featuring Judge Creuzot about a man wrongly accused and subsequently declared innocent once DNA evidence came to light.  READ THE ARTICLE
CBS 11, November 2014 - Judge Creuzot Using Eye Scan Technology
Innovation changes the way Dallas County tests and catches drug offenders.
CBS National News, March 2014 - DNA Evidence Exonerates Man
Judge Creuzot exonerates man held falsely for 18 years.

USA Executions, November 2007
Judge Creuzot comments on the prosecution of Emerson Rudd, who was executed for killing a Dallas restaurant manager. Creuzot handled this case while working in the Dallas D.A.'s office. Scroll down to the November 15, 2001 entry.
Judge Creuzot's Dallas Bar Association Performance Polls, 1993 to Present
In the most recent poll, in 2005, Judge Creuzot was considered to be hard-working by 93 percent of respondents, to be impartial by 88 percent of respondents, to be correctly applying the law by 93 percent, and to have the proper judicial temperament and demeanor by 91 percent. His overall approval rating was a solid 92 percent. View all of Judge Creuzot's poll results from 1993 to the present by using the

Judge Creuzot Featured on Court TV Crime Library Series

Dallas Morning News Article Featuring Judge Creuzot, September 2007
Just one of the dozens of articles that came out as Judge Creuzot returned to his home in the Democratic Party. View the article as posted by the American Judicature Society:

Dallas Observer Article Featuring Judge Creuzot, September 2007
Judge Creuzot keeps things on the straight and narrow in court.
Dallas Morning News, Death Penalty Trial in Judge Creuzot's Court, February 2007

Dallas Morning News, DNA Exoneration in Judge Creuzot's Court, January 2007

New York Times Article Featuring Judge Creuzot, January 2007
Man exonerated with new DNA evidence. View the article at the Death Penalty
Information Center website (scroll down once you are at the page)
Dallas Man Proven Innocent with DNA Evidence, January 2007
Papers filed at a hearing in Judge Creuzot's court prove Dallas County man
convicted of rape is innocent.

Texas Criminal Justice Coalition Recognizes Judge Creuzot, Newsletter 2007
Judge Creuzot named a “Dedicated Judge” by the TCJC.

New York Times Article Featuring Judge Creuzot, DNA Exoneration, March 2006
Judge Creuzot, who was not involved in the original case or trial, apologizes on behalf of the
justice system to man wrongly convicted of attacking woman.

Drug Courts, The Right Prescription for Texas , Feb. 2006
A brochure from the Texas Public Policy Foundation using as an example
Judge Creuzot's DIVERT Court and its success in reducing recidivism among participants.

Beyond the Big House: Better Alternatives to Prison, 2006
A summary of a Texas Public Policy Foundation policy orientation panel which included Judge Creuzot.
J. L. Turner Legal Association, Letter from the President, 2006
Frederick J. Barrow calls attention to the need to support drug courts such as Judge
Creuzot's DIVERT Court.
 Restorative Justice in Texas , a Report of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, 2005
This report calls Judge Creuzot's DIVERT Court “one of the most effective drug courts in Texas ,”
noting that is has dramatically reduced recidivism among program participants.
Dallas Bar Association Honors Judge Creuzot with M.L.K. Jr. Justice Award, 2005
The Future of Drug Courts, a Report of the Center for Court Innovation, 2004
Judge Creuzot's insights into the effectiveness of drug courts are to be found throughout this report, from the benefits of forcing offenders to seek treatment, to the cost savings of turning offenders into productive citizens instead of incarcerating them.
Texas Considers Drug Sentencing Reforms, Newark Star Ledger, Feb. 2004
Judge Creuzot is quoted in this story: "We're trying to make more sense…Where we begin to
win the war on crime is not by locking people up, but by finding out what their underlying problems are.
Drug Courts in Texas , State of Texas Criminal Justice Policy Council, 2002
Judge Creuzot assisted in the preparation of this report on Texas drug courts that provide supervised treatment programs as an alternative to traditional criminal sanctions.
Judge Creuzot Receives the UNT President's Citation, The North Texan, 2002
John Creuzot Named Best Criminal Judge by Dallas Observer, 2002
Dallas Observer article featuring Judge Creuzot, November 2000
Dallas Observer Article, Judge Creuzot Helps People Quit Drugs, September 1998
Dallas Observer Article Featuring Judge Creuzot's DIVERT Court, Feb. 1998
John C. Creuzot Scholarship at the University of North Texas, 1997 to present
A description of the scholarship Judge Creuzot established for philosophy majors at UNT,
including profiles of the recipients.   
New York Times Article Featuring Judge Creuzot, 1996
Judge Creuzot grants a Grand Jury extension in a drug case involving two members of the Dallas Cowboys.
Handwriting Analysis and the Trial of Richard Lyon in Judge Creuzot's Court
An Illustrated Alchoholics Anonymous Bibliography dedicated to Judge Creuzot
The Dallas Bar Association Profile of Judge Creuzot


Judge John Creuzot
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NOVEMBER 4, 2008

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