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1. Judge Creuzot with State Senator Royce West, Oct. 2007
2. Scott and Margie Walstad at a campaign fundraiser, Oct. 2007
3. Judge Creuzot with Eric Johnson, Oct. 2007
4. Ron Goranson and Kim Goranson at Judge Creuzot Oct. 2007 fundraiser
5. Judge Creuzot with Cam Gray, Oct. 2007
6. With supporter Tom Dunning, Oct. 2007
7. Clark Kennington and Judge Creuzot, Oct. 2007
8. Gordon Hikel, Judge Creuzot and Isiah Robertson, Oct. 2007
9. With Dallas County School Board member Larry Duncan and Dallas County Clerk John Warren, Oct. 2007
10. Brad Lollar, Jennifer Bennet, Judge Creuzot, Bill Knox and Dough Parks, Oct. 2007
11. Judge Creuzot and Ray Jobe, Oct. 2007
12. Isiah Robertson with Judge Creuzot and son Ethan, Oct. 2007
13. Jennifer Bennet, Judge Creuzot, Ethan Creuzot, Jens Bakker, Oct. 2007
14. Judge Creuzot and Joseph Miller, Oct. 2007
15. Judge Creuzot and son Ethan with Kerwin Cox, Oct. 2007
16. Judge Creuzot and Barry Sorrells, Oct. 2007
17. Judge Creuzot, son Ethan and State Rep. Helen Giddings, Oct. 2007
18. With State Rep. Rafael Anchia at the DCDP Fish Fry, Oct. 2007
19. Dorothy Dean, Judge Creuzot, Ethan Creuzot and Shirley Brown, Oct. 2007
20. With supporter Teresa Benavides, Oct. 2007
21. At the 2007 DCDP Fish Fry, Oct. 2007
22. At the Grand Prairie/Irving Democrats Forum, Oct. 2007
23. Speaking to the Grand Prairie/Irving Democrats Forum, Oct. 2007
24. Judge Creuzot and Daryl Washington at an Oct. 2007 reception
25. With supporter Kevin Buchanan, Oct. 2007
26. Supporter Rugger Burke and Judge Creuzot, Oct. 2007
27. Judge Creuzot and Cindy Solls at an Oct. 2007 fundraiser
28. Judge Creuzot and Rick Lannen, Oct. 2007
29. With Frank Giunta, Oct. 2007
30. Speaking to a criminal justice class at UNT Dallas, Sept. 2007
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