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A Look at the Jurist of the Year Award

The Jurist of the Year Award seeks to recognize, acknowledge and encourage jurists who promote human rights and the rule of law. It is held annually by respective judicial bodies. A jurist who impartially, fearlessly and consistently promotes the rule of law is identified and recommended for the award. There is often a well-structured process of selecting the recipient of the Jurist of the Year Award. In most instances, there is a panel or committee that selects the recipients. Sometimes, there are several jurists nominated for the award. The nominees can be recommended by other jurists who have worked closely with them.

Nominees must distinguish themselves through certain outstanding service contribution to Law & Politics. The service can be in several forms which include a specific community or civic project that honors the profession, and offering innovative solutions to problems in the administration, community or nation. He/she must also demonstrate ethical conduct of high standards and fairness in exercising justice. The recipient is then selected from the list of nominees. The Jurist of the Year Award may come with a price valued at a certain amount of money. The award is considered as a mark of achievement among the judicial society.

The international version of this award is the Global Jurist of the Year Award. It is meant to honor an international or nation sitting judge. Jurist from all tribunals and nations are considered for the award. The faculty of the Centre selects the recipients. This award is valued at a price just like most Jurist Awards. The Global Jurist of the Year Award is priced at $5,000. The recipient has to visit the Northwestern Law School. The prize is presented to the recipient during the visit. The recent recipient of the Global Jurist of The year award is Judge Gloria Patricia Porras Escobar of Guatemala.


Judge John Creuzot
Criminal District Court No. 4

MARCH 4, 2008

NOVEMBER 4, 2008

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